Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Weekend Update...complete with report card and kung-fu grip

So, I'm rather excited at the moment. Before I get to why, here's what happened this weekend.

My trip started off somewhat crappily, as I left Thursday evening after 4.5 hours of class. I was tired. Loaded up the Corolla and sent its four cylinders of fury northward. Playlist for the trip home, in case anyone wants to know what music I listened to on this road trip:
  • Thrice- Vhiessu
  • Mixtape of assorted raptastic goodness
  • Relient K- Mmhmm
  • Mixtape of quasi-angry rock
  • Kids in the Way- Apparitions of Melody
  • Gorillaz- Demon Days
  • DMB- Everyday
Got home at about 1 am. Went to bed. Friday was uneventful, just hanging out with the family. Friday night we went bowling with our church league. I ended up substituting for someone who was absent. I bowled the worst 3-game series I can remember. Never broke 100. It was bad. Weekend rating about a C at this point.

Got up Saturday morning, feeling rather good. I had planned on spending my entire Saturday at Transylvania University, visiting all my Transy people. About a mile from my house, I hit a patch of snowy-icy destruction and hit a guardrail. No amount of damage to me. Unknown amount of damage to my car. Turned around and went back home to examine the damage. Busted bumper, partially shattered headlight, dented front and rear quarter panels. Essentially, a couple thousand dollars of damage. Those of you who know me, know my car has...how should I say this...hmmm "seen better days." Called the parents and told them. They took a look at it. Decision: possibly unsafe to drive. Plans to visit Transy: shattered like the dreams of small children. Spent the rest of the day discussing options with parents and looking around for a new ride. Test drove some things, but nothing fantastic. Weekend grade: F.

Sunday, went to church. Had dinner with the family. Sat around. Then got inspired and went to Transy on a whim. Visited my "wife" (fulfilling my marital duties so to speak...giggity, giggity, giggity. Alright.), her roomie (and my long-time friend), some of my fraternity brothers, friends, etc. (in no particular order- please, no one be offended...haha.) Finally able to eat some quality pizza, finally able to see my Transy people (just not for long enough). Weekend steadily improving. Still no decision about how I'm getting back to Atlanta. Or my status as the owner of a functional vehicle. Weekend grade: B-.

Monday, got up and had a strategy session with the 'rents. Mom would man the phones and find out about insurance stuff, rental cars, etc. Dad and I would go looking for potential suitors (cars, not people, silly.). We decided to try Lawrenceburg, KY, first, and then head to Lex Vegas. On the outskirts of Lawrenceburg was a small dealership. We pulled in and I saw several interesting vehicles, including a 2002 Lexus RX330. Cried because I'm quasi-broke. Not really.

Then, I spotted her. She was beautiful. The heavens rang out in an immaculate chorus. A 2001 Chevy Blazer with the Trailblazer package. I examined her, looking for flaws I knew would ruin my ability to purchase said beauty. Condition of vehicle: excellent. Price: manageable. Hmm....could it be? Oh yeah. I bought it. I am now the proud owner of a 2001 Chevy Blazer/Trailblazer/big old pile of awesome. For more info, see the next post. Weekend final grade: A+.

Got up this morning and drove my new toy back to Atlanta. I am pleased. My weekend went from bad to worse to incredible. I was able to accomplish everything I intended: see the fam, celebrate Dad's birthday, visit some friends, eat some Slice of Chicago pizza, and some I never imagined: having a wreck, buying a car. Overall, an awesome weekend.

Now, I'm back in the ATL with a new ride just waiting to be "pimped" as the current parlance goes. I'm already making plans...

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