Thursday, July 03, 2008


You would think that someone with no job might be more inclined to post more than, oh, once every month or so.

Not me.

I still have no job.

And I'm getting frustrated.

I've been applying for everything I can find that is a) remotely related to what I am called to/interested in/ educated and trained for, b) full time, c) financially suitable and d) within a reasonable commute.

It's a limited group, but a group nonetheless. Now I'm just waiting for everyone else to do their thing. Until then, I am spending my days as a househusband. It's actually not a bad gig- I clean, cook, run errands, etc. It wouldn't be a bad full time job. Of course, this job doesn't pay well. Or at all.


Other than being unemployed and waiting, life is going well. Jill and I are settled in at the parsonage. It's weird being in a whole house when it's only the two of us. We have tons of room (compared to an apartment), and the house is pretty nice. Our neighbors are very nice. Believe it or not, we've actually had a few people bring us cookies and muffins and the like. I wasn't sure people still did that. You see it in movies, or '50's TV shows, but now? Yeah it actually happens. That was very nice. The people at Memorial have also been extremely kind and welcoming, having us over for dinner and even contacting people they know to help aid in my job search.

Now, I'm just waiting to interview and to hopefully get a rewarding job. I KNOW I can do the jobs for which I've applied in at least a satisfactory manner. I KNOW I am educated enough for this. I KNOW I have been preparing for this for many years. Now I just need a chance to show all this to someone who can hire me and pay me.

Until then, I'll be keeping house. And waiting.


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