Monday, September 24, 2007

Still no Halo or XBox, but I've got something better...

So, no one's come to my aid in acquiring an XBox 360 and/or Halo 3. No surprise there; I'm not sure anyone other than Jill reads this thing anymore. Oh well, I don't need it.

Like the title says, I have something better. How about an amazing girlfriend who, get this, did my laundry for me?

That's right. Jill did my laundry for me. I brought it over to her place to use her washer and dryer. I did the first couple of loads, but then I left for a while, with every intention of finishing it when I got back. When I came back it was almost entirely done, folded and ready to go. I don't know what I did in some earlier life, but I must have been awesome to deserve someone so sweet. It's funny though- I'm not sure most people get to see how sweet and kind she really is. She's usually pretty serious and thoughtful, somewhat reserved. She's not the saccharine-sweet kind of girl. But she does all kinds of sweet things for me. Like my laundry. Evidently she finds folding clothes to be therapeutic. I don't know... whatever it is, she's great, and I know I don't deserve her. Hopefully she'll never realize that.

Anyway, this weekend was nice. Jill and I went to the Braves game on Saturday, which was fun. We had been talking about going to one all summer, but just hadn't made it yet. So, since it was the last home stand of the year we had to go. And we got free tickets from my roommate Chris, which was very nice of him. We were sitting in the next to last row in the upper decks, but it was fun nonetheless. And we got to park right across the street from Turner Field because Jill drives a Lexus (so we used the Lexus lot).

It seems I've been on the receiving end of a long list of random acts of kindness- free tickets, free laundry, good parking, etc.

Which, of course, makes me think- when was the last time I dealt out some random acts of kindness? And since nothing immediately comes to mind, I know one thing- it's been far too long.

You see, I mentioned that I have something better than an XBox or whatever. I have Jill, who loves me and is exceptionally kind to me. And even bigger than that, I'm reminded of the fact that we're all called to random acts of kindness. It's part of following a God who deals in agapic love, also referred to as charity (especially in Dr. Jackson's Ethics class). Not simply charity in the since of a philanthropist giving to causes and foundations. Charity in the sense of good done to another without concern to repayment or benefit. Giving for giving's sake. Just being kind, helping someone in need or giving someone something just because.

It's what God does.

All the time.

I can't even begin to imagine that. The depth of goodness it takes to always be pouring out good to people who, rather than accept graciously, so often just turn away. As though we don't need it. As though God's grace is a gift we'd rather not have, thanks.

I wonder what's wrong with me. With us.

If God is pure good, to God's very essence or being, then the best thing God can do is share that goodness with us. Which, I believe, God does; I think this is most concentrated and/or evident in Christ. So it makes sense to me, then, that we should try to participate in that goodness as best we can by doing good of our own. Imitation as the most sincere form of flattery, right?

So, this is my reminder to myself to try to do some good, to give charity, to show some of God's love that has been (and continues to be) shown to me. Hopefully I can do some of that.


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