Monday, September 17, 2007

Anyone want to seriously endear themselves to me?

Halo 3 comes out on 9/25. I'd love to have it. And of course, an XBox 360 (just not the core system).

Here's the info:

If anyone out there has an extra $400 lying around, and wanted to do something kind, I would gladly be the recipient of said kindness. It's been a long long time since I was this interested in a video game. Guess I'm still a nerd at heart.

Okay, enough begging for stuff I want but don't need. I ought to be doing homework right now, but I need a break. I've been at it all day, and just don't want to do anymore. It's mostly busywork, which means I'm not motivated at all to do it. I've got a huge presentation to do for Thursday, but I'm waiting on a book so I can get started. Grr...

I spent most of this weekend not doing homework, and instead hanging out with Jill and other friends. Lots of football watching. That's one of the many awesome things about Jill- she actually likes to watch football. How cool is that? Yes, yes, all you guys out there can envy me. She's that wonderful. She made me dinner on Friday (cue more envy), and even made brownies for dessert. Delicious.
I don't deserve her. I know.

I thought of something else I wanted to talk about here, but I've forgotten it by now. I should start making notes of this stuff.

Well, I'll spare you anymore ramblings. I'll be back.


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