Monday, November 16, 2009

On! On! U of K!

John Wall.


I am so glad basketball season is FINALLY here. After what seemed like the longest dead period between the end of last year and the first official game on Friday, I finally get to indulge in my favorite sporting season. After several dismal years (in UK terms), it looks like we will be good this year.

Maybe even great.

But not if we keep playing like we did tonight, barely surviving Miami of Ohio. We should have beaten them by 20 points, but instead we get a last second shot by John Wall at the buzzer for a 72-70 victory.

We were warned (in a prescient pre-season conversation) by Coach Calipari that there would be games like this, and I'd rather they happen now than against UNC or Louisville.

But now that we got that out of our system, I would love for us to crush every single opponent in our way on the road to Indianapolis for the Final Four.

And you better believe I'll give just about anything I have to be at those games. I'll sell a kidney if I have to.

ON! ON! U of K!

Championship Banner #8 awaits.


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