Sunday, November 08, 2009

Behold... The Dominator

This sandwich will crush your taste buds. It will make your mouth water so intensely you'll become a cure for droughts. It will rock your face off.

Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair. I give you... the Dominator.

Would you like to make this tasty morsel yourself? I bet you would. Behold, ingredients:

1 bun, toasted
1 grilled chicken breast. I grill mine on our George Foreman, and give it a heavy dusting of Mesquite seasoning.
3 potato and cheese pierogies (we use Mrs. T's brand, because they are the only ones available here in Terre Haute that don't taste like boiled death). You can grill these on the Foreman too. 6.5 minutes to perfection.
1 slice of smoked provolone cheese
a few slices of paper thin smoked sharp cheddar cheese
3 strips of turkey bacon (because, you know, it's healthier)
Kraft Hickory Honey Smoked Barbecue sauce.

This sandwich will ruin all other sandwiches for you. Eat at your own risk. You can thank me later.



chris said...

if i could construct such a beautiful thing here I would good sir.

Lance said...

Sweet heavens!