Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our TV is dying...

I was playing some Left 4 Dead, just doing my thing, killing zombies and having a good time. Then the picture started getting darker and fuzzy. Then it just quit. I tried to fix it, changed cables, tested the receiver/xbox to make sure it wasn't causing the problem. Isolate and attack, right? The TV is the problem. Of course, I'm not surprised. I bought it my sophomore/junior year of college, so it's been over 5 years. That TV has been used in 2 states, moved around numerous times. I supposed it is to be expected. But it's frustrating, none the less.

So, we're left with the question of what to do about the TV? We have another one in the house, but it's pretty tiny. Just 20 inches. Not the best option for playing games, nor watching movies.

I suppose we could start looking for a new TV. A new HDTV, perhaps? Of course, they're expensive. On the bright side, we have a friend from Jill's church who works for Sony and I'm wondering if he could get us a good deal on one.

Maybe we'll have a nice new awesome HDTV soon? Assuming we can afford it. Donations gladly accepted...haha.

In other news, there isn't much other news.

Jill and I went to see the movie "Doubt" last night. It was very good. I recommend it. Complex, nuanced, well-acted. Of course, the whole time I was watching, I kept trying to picture Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the Penguin (currently floating around the interwebs as a rumored casting decision for the next Batman movie). He'd be awesome, I think. I'm already anticipating the next Batman movie. The Dark Knight was fantastic (though it did have some minor plot holes/issues).

That's all I have for now, I think. Back to watching the UK game. GO CATS!


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