Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Barfalounger...

Some days are better than others.

And some days, you come home, take a shower, and begin to get settled in for the evening. You sit down at the computer, check some email, play a little music.

Then you hear that sound. If you have a dog or small child, you know what I'm talking about. That sound.

And then you find yourself cleaning dog barf off your beloved recliner.

This was one of the latter.
Poor dog. He just doesn't know any better, evidently. This seems to happen every time spring rolls around. After a long winter of not having a variety of fresh, growing things to eat outside, the poor dog just has to eat anything in his sight in the back yard. Oh! A new plant. NOM. What's that, a bush? NOM. Random thing that I'm not sure what it is but looks slightly tasty? NOM. Okay, now I'm done. Let's come inside and puke on that chair I'm always sleeping on. That'll be awesome.

So I just finished cleaning up dog puke on my favorite chair. He has a skill for always puking on carpet, rug, or upholstery. Never on the easy to clean hardwood floor or tile. Nope. Always, without fail, on something which requires lots of scrubbing.

This is my life...

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faith120604 said...

Aww poor dog and poor Corey. I think they pick upholstery because it's soft--and requires their Human to scrub. Molly has always seemed to love my *Beige* faux-suede couch. The microfiber just soaks up her mess and I'm left feeling like Cinderella, haha.