Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Blog Changes/Redesign

I'm thinking about redesigning this blog, or perhaps even moving it over to wordpress. I created a blog for the youth group I work with on wordpress, and I definitely prefer the format and variety of options they have compared to Blogger.

Anyone out there have any ideas or recommendations for this overhaul? Ideas definitely appreciated. I don't have to skill to really design my own stuff, and we don't have to money to pay for something so any suggestions with that in mind would be helpful.



Sarah said...

I love to play around with different designs. I basically design everything on powerpoint and then upload them as jpegs. Some of the buttons on my left & right columns I've designed and some are external codes. The header actually is simpler than it looks. My stuff is pretty basic because I don't really want to buy any online scrapbooking stuff but you can still jazz it up. Have fun ... if you choose :)

Becky said...

Hey Corey-
I've got both a blogspot and a wordpress blog and the blogspot one has definitely been more fun to use. My wordpress blog is still really ugly because I can't figure out how to change up all the stuff (And kind of don't want to do my anonymous book-review blog anymore, so eh, that may have something to do with it).