Friday, March 27, 2009

The (UK) world all atwitter...

The UK world has been all atwitter over the last few days (weeks), with rampant speculation about what will happen with current coach Billy Gillispie. Some want him gone, some want him to get at least another year, some just want this march of madness to end.

My favorite UK sports site, has been crushed under the weight of millions of hits. They've had to resort to a twitter account to get out the news (hence that cleverly worded title). So, despite my reservations about a program that facilitates the broadcasting of an abundance of minutiae, I signed up for an account. You can reach me @ rcoreyhoward (wow... such a creative name!).

I have been able to find a few fraternity brothers, though, so it's a nice way to keep in touch with some of those guys who I don't get to talk to often.

Back to this UK craziness...

I want the administration to give BCG another year to show improvement, personally. I think two years is not nearly enough time to dig us out of the hole we were in. However, the team regressed this year, getting worse as the year went on. I think that the tryanny of the new is weighing heavily on this decision, as the most recent events regarding the program haven't been overly positive (although the team did show some passion and hard work during the NIT).

But BCG is the same guy who went 12-4 in the (much tougher) SEC last year. The same guy who donates time and money to causes like Dance Blue, and the same guy who evidently bought a car for some woman in need. The same guy who was hired because of his passion and devotion to basketball. The same guy who managed to convince Patterson to come to UK after the last coach change.

This guy deserves AT LEAST another year. Give him that, and see if we don't have some improvement. I don't think we'll win a title next year, but with a full lineup (assuming Meeks and Patterson stay), we'll cause some havoc. Patterson, Meeks, Orton, Miller, Hood, Harris, etc. sounds like a good option to me. Let's see what BCG can do with them.


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