Monday, July 10, 2006

Pics from New Orleans, as promised

Here are the some pics from my recent mission trip to New Orleans, as promised. The construction ones are obviously from the worksite. The destruction ones are from the Lower 9th, and I'm posting them only because I want to keep it in people's minds how bad the devastation was, and still is. There is still a lot of work to be done. Then there are some other, random pics from the trip. Here you go...

There you go. Like I said before, it was an awesome trip, and now I get to look forward to camp. We leave this coming Sunday, and return that Thursday night. I'm definitely excited. This will actually be my first youth camp experience. I've been to other camps (4-H, stuff like that) but never a camp focused on one's spiritual life. So this Student Life camp should be an interesting experience.

Alright, it's lunch time. Peace...

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Anonymous said...

Corey, you need to blog again so I can read what is happening in your life.
Also, I do not see you in either of the group pictures; are you in either of them?
I am in Richmond now. Its kinda lonely at the moment, as I have yet to find anybody to hang out with who does not just want to go to bars and get drunk.
Hope to communicate with you soon.